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embellishment techniques · textilverzierungen a-z

embellishment styles

the variation of textile embellishments is inspiring · so viele schöne verzierungen existieren

a technique for storytelling on fabric & a print alternative
AKAI Crane Dress with appliqué and feather fringe
an extravagant embellishment which adds weight and reduces washability
textile embellishment beading schmückverzierung: beaded roses, sequins, metal decor detail by manish arora ss2015 via pinterest
a lace alternative
SEA NY 2023 Cut-Out Blouse
an ethereal way to connect pieces of material
fagot work from WGSN
a useful embellishment for seams, edges & trims
textile embellishment piping paspeln: detail of a printed pj with coloured piping via WGSN
a soft structural element addition
textile embellishment ruffles rüschen : variations from WGSN -possibly sezanne
a novelty edge for collars, cuffs, hems & trims
textile embellishment SCALLOP EDGE BOGENRAND: detail of Kaleidoscope Dress by Zimmerman
a decorative and structural embellishment
textile embellishment smocking/smokarbeit honeycomb smocking from WGSN