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leila textile necklace

the crystal satchel

made by tammy sue steffens textilwerkstatt

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leila, the commission satchel necklace, is the result of a need for a fast & safe way to carry crystals when travelling. it began with scrap material satchels, fashioned after old money satchels. after months of actual use and adventure, the material satchels proved a bit cumbersome. not the perfect option for swimming, it took a long time to dry. after knotting a version, knitting and crocheting became an option. in the end, various materials + colours were used to create little bags with magical intent.

leila textile necklace sizes
leila textile necklace dreaming
leila textile necklace on model

swim with it

great for travelling with

soft and lightweight

keep your crystals close to your heart

made of silk, european linen or japanese cotton. 

a “made to order” magical accessory

to order a personalised leila satchel necklace