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pattern care

pattern care information

If you have purchased one of my original vintage paper sewing patterns or have received one from someone else, there are a few tips I can offer anyone who is interested in caring for their pattern.

steam ironing with lavender water can remove musty smells of improperly stored patterns.

avoid melting tape when ironing, in the case of old plastic tape on pieces, place plain tissue paper between iron and piece.

baby powder can reduce sticky residue from old plastic tape, just sprinkle some on the paper rubbing it in with the palm of your hand, then brushing off the excess.

to keep the pattern envelope and illustration bright and pretty, it is advised to store it away from sunlight. Make a copy of your cover & displaying this, is a better choice.

  1. rehydrating: To rehydrate the paper, store it over night in a humid environment. dampen a scrap of material or toilet paper with clean water, place it in a small bowl. using a XL ziploc bag as a container, insert the bowl with damp material, making sure the bowl is completely dry. then add the brittle pieces. seal it & let it sit flat overnight. it should be less brittle in the morning & easier to work with. ↩︎