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tammysueatmoss | explore · nurture · create

at our shop, tammysueatmoss, you’ll find a collection of classic sewing patterns for outfits from the 1930s to the 1970s. you can also discover designs to add decoration to your clothes and unique fabric creations made in small quantities.

the sister shop, tammysueatmoss on etsy, also has a selection of vintage patterns and textile goods. the etsy shop offers free tracked shipping to germany.

part of a textile studio located in Hamburg in northern Germany, we create original design concepts and artwork for both businesses and private individuals.

working with intricate decorations, teaching hand-sewing techniques through workshops, exploring decorative designs and bringing new fashion ideas to life is rewarding.

if you would like to know more: checkout my pinterest fashion, sewing & vintage fashion boards for inspirational styles and embellishment techniques.