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working with moon phases

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the moon is ever present, no matter where you are on earth. the phases are ever changing. I enjoy knowing more about it and I have been studying it for a while now. Rituals stimulate my imagination and lift my spirits. With the moon I meditate, I bathe, I burn incense, and I charge my crystals. I try to use the energy of the moon for my projects.

waning gibbous moon

the waning gibbous moon falls directly after the full moon and is a time of finishing touches.

the 4th quarter moon is a when the moon is half-full, slowly moving into darkness, for me a time to recheck my schedule.

the waning cresecent moon is a longer period before the new moon is in the sky, it’s a mystical time and the beginning of introspection.

new moon or dark moon

the new moon, in this phase of the cycle, is a remembering time, a time for taking stock. A time for letting go. Just as I love the full moon, the new moon is more mine. A time to communicate and thank all those that have helped me find my way.

waxing crescent moon

the waxing crescent moon happens right after the new moon, it’s an interesting time where you actually can feel the changing energy of the moon. This is when plans can be made productively and first steps taken.

the 1st quarter moon is the midpoint between the new introspective moon and the full extrovert moon. Things should be moving at a faster pace, there is more energy to be had.

waxing gibbous moon

the waxing gibbous moon, all fat but not quite at it’s peak. It’s also a stretch of time directly after the 1st quarter. I have the desire to keep on working, not taking enough breaks – it’s a dangerous time for me.

the full moon is the brightest moon possible. Noone can deny its energy, it ignites, similar to a storm. It is extrovert and wild, while exuding serenity. This is a good time for magic making, being brave, changing things or just staying out all night and enjoying the feeling of it.

There are interesting moon rituals online, you just have to search a bit, I found two links, one from moon bath who sell herbs for bathing and a youtube video for moon yoga, for anyone interested.

moon bathing + shop: https://www.moonbath.com/journal-blog
full moon yoga with adrienne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypbT6ctKdZI

full moon