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The “Leila” satchel necklace from TammySueatMoss is a lightweight, nomadic, pouch necklace made to carry crystals and other treasures.

This listing is for a satchel bag necklace in a purl knit of Old Gold silk. The neckcable has a lurex thread knit in. Closing threads of satchel end with a knot, this has an integrated fabric loop for attaching trinkets.

Generous Heart Crystal
A pink chalcedony stone is included with this purchase. A good companion for discovering and exploring new things. A soft pink heart stone, a kindess crystal .💕

I have been making them for myself and friends for a while, they are perfect for traveling and very lightweight, designed to be worn next to the skin. It can also be used to keep loose crystals under your pillow when using them as dream crystals.

swim with it / great for travelling with / soft and lightweight / keep your crystals close to your heart

Leila is also made with:

  • Silk Bourette
  • Silk or Cotton Tape
  • Linen
  • with Lurex
  • extra glass seed beads
  • little fabric amulets

Comes  in various colours.

Please see additional information for the size and care.

Heart cushion not included! Its actually a pin cushion. I will be offering a kit soon.

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 28 cm

the necklace can be worn while swimming or wherever you roam to. After swimming rinse in clear water. Handwash cold with soap – dry in the shade.


lurex (47% viscose, 41% polyester, 12% metal), silk




tammy sue steffens textilwerkstatt

neckcable length


satchel height

65 mm


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