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The Leila satchel necklace from TammySueatMoss is a nomadic, pouch necklace made to carry crystals and other treasures, close to your heart.

Soft and lightweight, this decorative & magical accessory is made of emerald green colored silk from germany. The neckcable has two full rows of seed beads, in clear, pale mint, irredescent black and green. The closing threads of satchel, end with a tassel. This has an integrated fabric loop for attaching trinkets.

Hand knit with silk tape yarn, a pull string closing and crochet neck cord with german glass seed beads. The necklace has no metal elements and can be worn wherever you roam to.

  • swim with it – the necklace can be worn while swimming or wherever you roam. after swimming rinse in clear water.
  • great for travelling with – easy to where on a plane, easy to wash and wear.
  • soft and lightweight – an alternative to using metal + crystal jewelry
  • keep your crystals close to your heart – easily carry polished or found crystal pieces close to your skin
  • glass bead accents – an extra touch of colour meaning and glitter effect
  • store dream crystals – with the help of this you will never risk losing your dream crystal overnight

materials: 100% german silk tape, german glass seed beads
colour: emerald, clear, mint, black


satchel: 63mm x 55mm
neckcable length: 650mm


handwash cold with shampoo – dry in the shade.


Leila is also made with:

  • Silk Bourette
  • Silk or Cotton Tape
  • Linen
  • with Lurex
  • extra glass seed beads
  • little fabric amulets

Comes  in various colours.


glass, silk


black, clear, emerald, mint