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vintage sewing patterns & spirit goods from hamburg, germany




the beginning

i studied communication design with the goal of creating useful and inspiring things out of paper and textiles. in the beginning, i filled my sketches with color, repeats and fabric scraps. after many years of digital print design and private textile projects, I made a shift towards fashion graphics.

tammy sue steffens – conceptual designer
the experience

the first 30 years of my personal work involving vintage sewing techniques, patterns, natural dye work and fabric painting was full of exploration, while the last 10 years of trend related fashion graphic design experience was a wild journey. i learned an amazing amount of techniques. creating t-shirt print & embellishment designs, as well as allover & repeat print work for womenswear in hamburg, germany.


i specialise in hand-drawn and painted repeats, which i also digitize. t-shirt print designs made for silk screen, as well as print alternatives, such as embroidery and appliqué work are my favorites, they are also upgrading embellishments and more sustainable than ink. knitwork ( intarsia or jacquard ) and burn-out designs are also important to me and all types of application work, like beads, sugar, metallics, cords, etc.

ready for production

i can help you create a cohesive set of designs to add to your collection – if it’s just 1 print, graphic, embellishment or an entire artwork collection. the finished artwork will be delivered ready for production.



my work is full of natural materials, handwork and stories. i shape tales in textiles through the use of embellishment. creating symbolic pieces for ritual and daily use.

natural fibers

biodegradable materials and threads are my first preference, wherever possible. i am adamant about restyling and restoring lightly worn clothing. equally important, for me, when purchasing new textiles is that they are natural fiber fabrics of fine quality.

made to order

handwork is my specialty and handwork exploration my inspiration. through the years i have realized (digitally, in print and on textiles) many different ideas and projects. my work is “made to order” to insure my customers can own something that fits their needs and desires.



i love hand sewing and appliqué techniques. they are an amazing source of inspiration for me. i offer online learning experiences for creatives and anyone interested in exploring textile hand work, vintage sewing & embellishment making.


at the moment no classes or workshops are available. all upcoming class offers will be listed in the shop section.