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The Leila satchel necklace from TammySueatMoss is a nomadic, pouch necklace made to carry crystals and other treasures, close to your heart.

Soft and lightweight, this decorative & magical accessory is made of pale pink bourette silk and rust coloured mohair/silk. The neckcable is knit and uniform to satchel, it has colorful beads at closing, in red, cream and irridedscent black – reminiscent of a snakes tongue. Closing threads of satchel end with a tassel, this has no fabric loop.

Hand knit with silk bourette and fine mohair silk yarns, having a pull string closing and crochet neck cord. The necklace has no metal elements and can be worn wherever you roam to. This is a winter version.

· great for travelling with – easy to where on a plane, easy to wash and wear.
· soft and lightweight – an alternative to using metal + crystal jewelry
· keep your crystals close to your heart – easily carry polished or found crystal pieces under your clothes
· glass bead accents – an extra touch of colour meaning and glitter effect
· store dream crystals – with the help of this you will never risk losing your dream crystal overnight

materials: 100% silk bourette, 70% mohair (kidmohair) + 30% silk hand-dyed in germany, german glass seed beads.
colour: pink rust

satchel height: 75mm
neckcable length: 660mm

handwash cold with shampoo or wool washing liquid – dry in the shade.


Leila is also made with:

  • Silk Bourette
  • Silk or Cotton Tape
  • Linen
  • with Lurex
  • extra glass seed beads
  • little fabric amulets

Comes  in various colours.


glass, mohair, silk


pink, rust, black, cream


Tammy Sue At Moss